An OWI conviction and the impact on your future

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If you are a college student, you likely have a plan for life after graduation and are looking forward to putting your ideas in motion.

One unexpected issue such as a conviction for OWI can derail that plan and affect your future in many different ways.

The employment scene

Perhaps you already have a part-time job while attending school. If your responsibilities include driving for the company, your employer may terminate you due to the conviction for driving while intoxicated (OWI). Potential employers may hesitate to hire you with this kind of mark on your record. You may have the qualifications for a particular job opening, but the recruiter may worry that you have a drinking problem and would miss days of work.

Professional certifications

An OWI conviction may disqualify you from obtaining a state license or professional certification for certain occupations. For example, you would not qualify to become a teacher, lawyer or doctor.

Insurance issues

With an OWI conviction on your record, your auto insurance company may regard you as a high-risk driver. They could cancel your policy altogether or issue a new policy at a substantially higher rate. Also, if you are a repeat offender, you must maintain expensive SR22 auto insurance in order to have your suspended driver’s license reinstated.

Challenging the charge

You may think there is no recourse but to accept the OWI charge, pay the fine, eventually get your suspended license back and be on your way. Keep in mind that administrative errors can occur during an arrest and the equipment for testing blood alcohol content levels can fail. With legal guidance and a sound defense strategy, you can challenge the charge against you and obtain the best outcome possible for your case and your future plans.

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