What To Know About Court-Ordered Community Service

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A Wisconsin judge may mandate community service for college students who drive while intoxicated or operate any vehicle under drug or alcohol influence. Probation is contingent upon completing this form of punishment, an alternative to jail time that can negatively impact someone’s college career and employment prospects.

Community service allows individuals to pay back their communities for harmful actions and involves the following.

Eligibility Assessment

First-time DUI and OWI convictions typically come with monetary fines, a driver’s license suspension and driving privilege restrictions. However, penalties are more severe for a second conviction and include jail time that doubles when a minor is present during the offense. However, second-time offenders may receive community service sentences instead of jail time, subject to a judge’s discretion.

Service Assignment

A judge assigns offenders to complete at least 30 days of community service at government, educational and non-profit organizations. Typical tasks include:

  • Cleaning public roads
  • Removing graffiti from subways
  • Assisting at an animal or homeless shelter

Hours Tracking

Program participants must fill out times sheets that track their work hours. In addition, the court assigns a case manager who ensures that each community servant adheres to program guidelines and verifies the completion of the work.

Mandatory Participation

A judge will revoke probation privileges and assign other penalties for anyone who fails to complete community service without a valid reason. Still, the court considers the defendant’s other obligations when determining a time frame for completing their assignments.

A felony or misdemeanor charge can negatively impact your future, but a strong defense can help you avert long-term consequences.

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