Getting an OWI and the fate of your CDL

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Operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Wisconsin has immediate and far-reaching consequences. The repercussions can be more detrimental if you rely on your CDL to make a living.

If authorities have evidence of your intoxication, your career as you know it could abruptly end for some time. When you know what could happen to your CDL after an OWI, you can determine what to do next.

Your CDL

When you took the initial test to acquire a CDL, you agreed to operate your vehicle safely and responsibly. Unfortunately, even if your OWI occurred in your personal vehicle, the outcome could still jeopardize your CDL. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, depending on your level of intoxication and its impact on your driving, an OWI could result in a suspension of your CDL for up to 3 years.

If your OWI is not your first offense, you could face a lifetime disqualification which means you can never have a CDL again. Even if you have not yet received formal charges for an OWI, your employer might suspend you or prohibit you from driving until legal formalities conclude.

Your future

If you receive a license suspension, you could eventually resume your career driving commercial vehicles. Once you have satisfied any legal requirements, you can inquire about having your CDL reinstated. You may need to retake the licensing test. You will also need to pay any corresponding fees.

If your OWI impacts your career permanently, you might consider alternative jobs that do not require you to drive. Even with an OWI on your record, you still have the potential to create and maintain a successful career.

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