Working around your criminal record

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Drugs can interfere with your ability to maintain your job, especially if your actions result in criminal repercussions. Talking about your record in a job interview might feel intimidating as well.

Knowing how to work around your criminal record may enable you to turn your life around. Strategically answering questions and advocating for your rights can help you put your past behind you.

Focus on the positive

Keep a realistic perspective of what you can control. Help others see the positive characteristics you have. Know how to highlight your skills and qualifications that will make a difference in the workplace. According to, a study revealed that nearly 75% of human resource professionals run some kind of background test prior to hiring new employees. The likelihood of you having to talk about past drug charges is quite high.

Answer questions honestly and with dignity. However, you can control the direction of the conversation when you highlight how your experiences have helped shape you. Discuss the lessons you learned and the opportunities for growth that resulted from the past.

Set goals for the future

Think about what you want in the future. Set goals for yourself and involve others in helping you reach your goals. Even if your drug charges result in time spent behind bars, explore your options for furthering your education or learning new skills. Working to better your life can have a considerable difference in your success once you satisfy the legal ramifications of your actions.

Just because you have drug charges on your criminal record does not mean you have to relinquish a happy life. With some hard work and grit, you can put your past behind you.

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