How can a student lower the chance of OWI?

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Being a college student is a time of great exploration and fun. Not only will you get the chance to expand yourself intellectually, but socially, as well. There are many ways to enjoy yourself in college, and you do not need to drink a drop of alcohol in order to do so.

However, the reality is that there are plenty of opportunities to drink in college, and, in some cases, a lot of pressure. According to College Basics, a student can avoid drunk driving by understanding his or her own limits, and also by planning for transport in advance.

Knowing your limits

Everybody’s body processes alcohol differently. There are general rules of thumb you can follow to gauge your overall level of perceived intoxication, but no two people are exactly alike. However, it is generally a good idea to not drink more than four drinks in an evening, no matter how long you are out. A single drink per hour is a good general rule.

Keep in mind that a “single drink” means one shot of alcohol, one beer or one glass of wine. Binge drinking is never a good idea, even if you do not plan to get behind the wheel at all. Eating before drinking also helps slow its absorption into your bloodstream.

Planning for alternative transport

If you know that you have a light tolerance, or if you are uncomfortable driving after drinking at all, it is important to have a plan in place about how to get home. This could mean having a designated (sober) driver, scheduling a taxi or calling a rideshare service, having somebody else come pick you up or staying at alternative accommodations.

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