What should you know about designated drivers?

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Designated drivers are one of the most crucial parts of having a safe night out with friends. Unfortunately, some groups do not successfully establish one, or the designated driver might not be reliable.

It is thus important for all people to understand the dos and do nots of designated driving before ever getting into a car with another person behind the wheel.

How many people ride with impaired drivers?

ABC News discusses a startling fact: that 1 in every 3 young adults ride with impaired drivers. This covers a spectrum of impairment as well, ranging from alcohol to marijuana to illicit substances.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that most young adults model the behavior they see in earlier life, this means that people who ride with impaired drivers are more likely to drive impaired in the future.

Thus, it is important to establish good rules about designated drivers far in advance. Choose a responsible friend or someone who will not or cannot indulge in alcohol or substances on the night chosen for partying.

Encouraging safe behaviors among friends

On top of that, it is important for friends to support one another and support safe behaviors. This means not allowing friends to ride with impaired drivers, or to drive if they have become intoxicated.

Even if a driver was designated at the start of the night, they should not be allowed to drive if they decided to indulge in substance use over the course of the evening. In short, everyone should be prepared with backup plans in case the designated driver falls through.

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