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The Wisconsin Legislature oversees a vast amount of territory when it comes to drug crimes in the state. While much attention remains on the fight to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Wisconsin, many other drugs and their uses fall under the jurisdiction of lawmakers.

This control resides in Chapter 961, known as the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. A section of this law covers illegal drugs and minors.

The use of minors for drug distribution

Information on the Wisconsin State Legislature website states that adults who enlist minors for selling or distributing illegal drugs commit a class F felony. This extends to hiring a child or directing a child to distribute or manufacture an outlawed drug such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine or other substances.

The law does not require the adult to know the person has not reached the age of adulthood. Ignorance of the age of the child does not constitute a defense, even if the child appeared older and lied about his or her age. A class F felony carries harsh penalties including fines and imprisonment and could lead to a loss of such rights as voting or the ownership of firearms.

The sale of drugs to minors

Legal consequences for selling drugs to minors, defined as a person under the age of 18, carry penalties above and beyond the sale of drugs to adults. The law allows for tougher penalties if the seller of the illegal substance exceeds the age of the buyer by three years or more.

Drug crimes in Wisconsin cover a lot of ground. Individuals should understand that illegal actions could result in significant consequences. 

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