Can an OWI cost you your athletic scholarship?

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If you have received an athletic scholarship, you are part of an exclusive club. In fact, according to NCSA College Recruiting, these scholarships go to only 2% of high school athletes. Moreover, your spot on a collegiate sports team can open countless doors for you and your future.

While it is normal and even healthy for college-aged individuals to look for new experiences, you must be careful with alcohol. After all, not only can drinking too much affect your academic and athletic performance, but drinking and driving can be catastrophic for your scholarship.

Your coach’s discipline

Many coaches have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. If an officer arrests you for operating a vehicle while impaired, your coach might decide to bench you. Even worse, to keep your conduct from becoming a distraction, he or she may kick you off the team permanently.

Your school’s code of conduct

Your college or university undoubtedly has a code of conduct it expects all students to follow. An OWI conviction is likely to violate this code of conduct. If it does, your conviction may expose you to various consequences, including suspension or expulsion. Your athletic scholarship also might be in jeopardy, of course.

To both your coach and your school, a meaningful distinction may exist between an OWI arrest and a conviction. If so, it is critical to explore all possible defense options. Ultimately, if you can keep from having an OWI conviction on your record, you might be able to retain your athletic scholarship.

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