How does marijuana affect your ability to drive?

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When it comes to marijuana legalization for adults, the tide seems to have turned. Indeed, according to the National Conference on State Legislatures, 21 states have legalized non-medical marijuana use. Many others allow adults to use marijuana for medical reasons.

Wisconsin has not yet legalized recreational marijuana usage. As a result, you can face criminal prosecution for possessing marijuana or its related paraphernalia. If you drive while high, you also might face charges for operating a vehicle while impaired. This is because marijuana adversely affects your driving abilities.

Reduced reaction time

Your car, truck or SUV is capable of traveling at fast speeds, so you need to be able to respond quickly to changing road conditions, traffic and pedestrians. Unfortunately, marijuana can slow your reaction time considerably.

Impaired concentration

Some marijuana users believe they concentrate better when they are high. This is probably not true, however. Indeed, when you consume marijuana, your mind can wander. Because driving safely requires concentration, a wandering mind can be quite dangerous.

Distracted driving

If you smoke or otherwise consume marijuana when you are driving, you might have a higher risk of having a car accident. Remember, anything you do that takes your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road can be hazardous.

While a first-time OWI arrest is serious enough, you are likely to face harsher consequences for an OWI that causes property damage or bodily injury. Ultimately, though, it is critical to explore all possible defense options immediately after a marijuana-related OWI arrest.

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