Wisconsin’s definition of drug paraphernalia

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It is important to recognize that many different objects could lead to a drug paraphernalia case. For example, you could face serious charges if a law enforcement official finds a certain item in your backpack or vehicle, even though you have no plans to use the object in an illegal manner. Additionally, some people face charges as a result of another party planting unlawful paraphernalia.

In Wisconsin, a wide variety of objects constitute illegal paraphernalia.

Examples of drug paraphernalia in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Legislature reports that it is illegal to possess objects used to plant, grow, harvest, process, test, store or conceal unlawful substances. In addition, items used to ingest, inhale or inject illegal drugs also constitute illegal drug paraphernalia. In fact, these violations could result in 30 days behind bars and a $500 fine.

Courts look at multiple factors when deciding if an object constitutes drug paraphernalia, including statements from its owner, drug residue, its proximity to unlawful substances and expert testimony.

Handling drug paraphernalia charges

If you face drug paraphernalia charges, it is pivotal to prepare for your case and do all you can to safeguard your future. Some people think that drug paraphernalia charges are not as serious as other types of drug-related offenses, but it is critical to understand the different ways these allegations could affect your life.

From the loss of your job to a damaged reputation, financial penalties and time behind bars, charges involving drug paraphernalia could shatter your life and you must prepare for court carefully if you find yourself in this position.

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