Can you mitigate the consequences of an OWI?

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An OWI charge can jeopardize your privilege to drive, prevent you from getting a job and impact your personal relationships. Given the severity of an OWI charge, you will want to conduct yourself carefully during this time.

Your response can make a difference in your ability to mitigate the consequences. Overcoming the charges against you can help you maintain control of your life and future.

Consider an ignition interlock device

It is critical that you avoid reoffending. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, subsequent OWI offenses could result in imprisonment and a lifetime revocation of the privilege to drive. If your actions cause injury to another person, you could face even more severe consequences.

An ignition interlock device prevents your vehicle from starting until you blow into an apparatus that tests your BAC level. If it falls into an acceptable category your vehicle will start. Having this device can help you avoid reoffending, but you will need to find out if you meet the requirements to have one.

Develop healthier habits

Improving your habits will require the support of others. One consideration is to participate in a rehabilitation program or therapy. Such resources may enlighten you and help you identify the root cause of your problems. With improved habits, you can focus your time on setting goals for your future.

Discover healthy coping mechanisms

Since alcohol consumption caused problems in the past, discover better ways of coping and enjoying yourself. Consider starting a new hobby. Look for educational opportunities. Get involved in your community. This type of behavior will provide a healthy distraction and give you something productive to do.

The effort you put into overcoming your OWI charge may improve your reputation. With the right steps and support from others, you can still live a successful life.

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