What if Wisconsin police arrest you for marijuana possession?

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The subject of marijuana use and possession continues to be a contentious issue in many states. While some states have legalized its use, either medicinally or recreationally, others have maintained strict laws concerning its possession and use. If you find yourself caught up in the enforcement of these laws, knowing what to expect can be vital.

Here you will find out what happens following an arrest for marijuana possession in Wisconsin.

The initial encounter

When Wisconsin police suspect you of possessing marijuana, they may approach you to ask questions or investigate further. You need to know that you have rights during this encounter. For example, you can ask if you are free to leave or if they have a warrant to search you or your property.

The arrest process

If the police have reasonable cause to believe you possess marijuana, they can arrest you. They will take you to the police station for booking, which involves fingerprinting and photographing.

Charges and sentencing

In Wisconsin, the severity of charges for marijuana possession depends on the quantity found and whether it is your first offense. For first-time offenders caught with a small amount of marijuana, it is a misdemeanor. Penalties can include a fine, jail time or both. However, subsequent offenses or possession of larger quantities can result in more severe charges and harsher penalties.


An arrest for marijuana possession can have long-term consequences beyond potential fines and jail time. It may affect your ability to find work, get housing or obtain certain licenses. Therefore, you need to address the situation promptly and responsibly.

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