5 ways a marijuana charge could lead to other woes

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In Wisconsin, having marijuana can open a Pandora’s box of legal troubles, leading to a cascade of charges that one might not anticipate.

Understanding the potential consequences is important for anyone navigating the state’s legal landscape.

1. Marijuana possession

Merely possessing marijuana in Wisconsin can set off a chain reaction of legal issues. The state has strict laws regarding marijuana, considering any amount a misdemeanor offense. This initial charge may seem straightforward, but it is just the tip of the legal iceberg.

2. Drug paraphernalia

Once caught with marijuana, the likelihood of facing drug paraphernalia charges significantly increases. Possession of items like pipes or rolling papers can result in additional charges, compounding the legal challenges one faces.

3. Intent to distribute

If law enforcement suspects an intent to distribute, the consequences become even more severe. Being caught with larger quantities of marijuana, cash or packaging materials may lead to charges of possession with intent to distribute. This escalates the situation, potentially resulting in harsher penalties.

4. School zones

Being caught with marijuana near a school or other designated areas can further intensify the legal consequences. Wisconsin law imposes enhanced penalties for drug offenses in these zones, potentially leading to more severe punishments.

5. Driving under the influence

If caught with marijuana while operating a vehicle, the legal ramifications extend beyond possession charges. Driving under the influence of drugs can result in separate charges, including license suspension, fines and mandatory education programs.

By the end of November, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued 1,111 pardons in 2023, many of which involved cannabis. Although efforts are underway to decriminalize these types of charges, marijuana remains illegal and can lead to serious consequences.

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