Can you get a conditional license after a Wisconsin OWI?

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An Operating While Intoxicated charge in Wisconsin can present challenges. Some of these challenges include restrictions on driving privileges. After an OWI, many wonder if they can get a conditional license to commute to and from work.

Wisconsin has specific regulations addressing this concern.

Occupational licenses

In Wisconsin, limited options exist when it comes to conditional licenses. Wisconsin law does not provide a specific provision for occupational licenses.  Individuals facing OWI-related penalties may have their driving privileges suspended or revoked. This creates challenges for anyone who works outside the home. It may, too, put employment at risk.

Alternative transportation solutions

A conditional license may not be available in Wisconsin after an OWI. As a result, exploring alternative transportation solutions may be necessary. Public transportation and ridesharing services are possible alternatives. Carpooling and relying on family or friends for rides may also help. Understanding and planning for these alternative options can help individuals maintain their employment. It can also help them meet work-related obligations.

Impacts on employment

The absence of a conditional license option in Wisconsin creates challenges. Understanding the potential impact on employment can help mitigate disruptions to work routines. So, too, can exploring alternative transportation solutions in advance. Taking the time to secure reliable transportation options minimizes work-related disruptions. It also shows a commitment to fulfilling work responsibilities.

Per The Wisconsin State Journal, there are 777,223 Wisconsin drivers with at least one OWI. Another 261,886 have two or more. Navigating work commutes after an OWI  involves understanding the limitations on getting a conditional license.

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