Methods for figuring out whether you are too drunk to drive

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Driving while drunk is extremely risky. However, it can be a challenge to know when your intoxication level is too high to get behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there are various methodologies for determining whether you should stay put or have someone else drive you to your destination.

Self-assessment tests

Giving yourself an impromptu sobriety check is a quick way of gauging your intoxication level. Try touching your nose with your finger, walking straight or standing on one leg. If any of these tasks feel difficult or you lose balance, it is a clear sign you are too drunk to drive.

Observing speech

Alcohol can cause slurring, making words hard to pronounce. Should you notice yourself struggling to speak or people laugh over your verbal gaffes, stay out of the driver’s seat.

Checking eyesight

Intoxication may blur or double your vision, making it impossible to focus. Look around and see if things appear blurry. Compromised sight can cause erratic driving, which might lead to a police pullover and subsequent arrest.

Using a personal breath tester

A breath tester can objectively measure your blood alcohol content (BAC). Many portable devices are available for personal use. If yours shows a BAC above the legal limit, avoid driving.

Noticing drowsiness

An evening of drinking can cause sleepiness, which is highly dangerous while driving. Keep off the roads if you are experiencing trouble keeping your eyes open.

With these skills, you should be better able to determine if you are too drunk to drive. Making the right choice can avoid legal trouble and ensure you get home safely.

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